1922 -1999
John pictured left in front of first Meyer Sign & Advertising Co.display - 1956
The Biography of John Meyer John loved to fish and be with his family


John Meyer | 1922 - 1999

The roots of Meyer Sign & Advertising Co. trace back to John Meyer, who was born August 18, 1922 in the Netherlands. He married Trina Offerman on January 26, 1944. Three daughters were born to them in Holland. In 1952, John, Trina and their three girls immigrated to America. John used his gift of ingenuity in countless ways in the new country. Speaking a new language, and with only $78.00 in his pocket from the sale of their furniture in Holland, he began work in Mount Vernon for a sign shop owner. John later started his own business.

John suffered a major heart attack at the age of 44, and his doctor advised him to sell his business so he could live a less stressful lifestyle. He sold Meyer Sign & Advertising Co. to his son-in-law, Martin Boer, but remained involved in the business throughout the years.

John and Trina were blessed with two more daughters born in America. John always told people that he felt like a millionaire - not in terms of monetary wealth, but in the love that surrounded him in his family. He was a great story-teller and loved to joke. The key theme throughout John s life was that God was not ready to bring him home, not yet. (His escape from a German workcamp while dodging bullets and subsequent work with the underground are chronicled in the book written about him, "Not Yet" by Evangeline DeMaster).

John nearly died a number of times, enduring 17 surgeries, but each time John came through with a zest for life and a great sense of humor. Remarkably, he had that great sense of humor until the very end, joking several times the day that he passed.
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